How To Make $96,766 This Year As A Web Cam Girl Agent

One of the most lucrative ways to make money online in the online adult arena   is How To Make $96,766 This Year As A Web Cam Girl Agent. We have consistently been participating in webcam industry and have made huge profits and you can too.

We have created and dominated  various webcam websites (some have failed some have made us massive amounts of passive income). The camming industry is booming right now and highly lucrative and you can get your piece of the pie.

Statistics show that this business is projected to explode at a rapid consistent rate beyond the next 4 years. This is an investment well worth your time, money, and efforts. In addition to creating your own niche webcam site, you a small window of opportunity to start your career as a webcam modeling agent. This will require to gain the following crucial skills:

  1. Becoming tech savvy, knowledge of VPN and VPS, sales funnels, and email marketing campaigns.
  2. How to market your website which is one of the major challenges we currently face as seasoned industry veterans.
  3. Developing the skill of finding your niche and directing your marketing to that niche.
  4. Learn how to recruit cam models, which can be a beast to deal with in itself.

Another money making option for you is  to refer models to the internet’s most popular webcam websites. Chaturbate is currently taking over the web cam model industry.

How To Make $96,766 This Year As A Web Cam Girl Agent

How can breaking into this segment of the industry benefit you?

If you are reading this,  Most likely you know that when Kim girls make a lot of money. An average day could be $350 to $400. I tip my hat off to anyone who decides to become a Webcam model.

 It is very easy to become a can girl very easy to set everything up.   There are some of you who are not big on becoming a Webcam girl or guy. If this is you There are huge opportunities for you to become a Webcam girl agent.

All you have to do is become an affiliate of the Webcam companies like chatter beat or slip roulette or similar sites and when a model signs up to that  Site money start to show up in your Pay pal account or your bank account. It is literally that simple.

What are the most popular websites that provide powerful Webcam agent   platforms?


There are quite a few websites online that you can become an affiliate of. Below you will find a list of the most popular Webcam model websites.  We have also provided the links to those websites

for you so that you don’t have to  lose time searching online for the right sites.If you want to start creating income for yourself immediately we advise you to sign up for all the sites below.

Here is a list of the best sites for getting paid to refer Webcam models to:

Keep in mind that for some of these websites you have to create an account as if you were going to use the site to watch cam girls yourself.  After you set up a FREE account you can then go to their affiliate program within your account.  

At that point you can beginner to refer cam girls.  For other sites you can  Set up an affiliate account without having to create a regular account first.

Does that make sense?

Bonga Cash – The payout is 5% of what the affiliates you refer make.

ifriends – <<<Sign up for your free Webmaster Model Recruitment  Account. With model recruitment, they pay you an additional $100 for each new, qualifying webcam model that you refer to any of the iFriends family of websites. (To qualify, the model must be new to the iFriends family of sites and hosts a minimum of 120 hours in live sessions).

Making your 1st $1000 as a web cam model agent?  


People who want to work from home have discovered the power of becoming a webcam agent. People are literally scrambling to get in this industry before the masses catch wind of this  start to pour in.

1st: you set up your  account  And/or affiliate account on the camming websites. Look for an option to refer  Web Cam models and an option to refer other webmasters. This way you can profit from Web Cam girls and other people like yourself who have websites or blogs in the ADULT niche.

  2nd: Look for your referral or affiliate link and  Check your link by copying pasting it into a new tab or window.  

3rd: When an interesting person goes to your  Web link and signs up you get compensated in the form of a commission And this works whether you are awake or sleep, playing golf at a Country Club or sinking your toes in the warm sand on one of the beaches of the world.  

Introducing Cookies  

Not the ones you eat but the Internet cookies that tracks a person’s URL that they almost signed up from.  Why do I say almost because sometimes people come to your link then…  

…all of a sudden they get distracted on Facebook or a get a phone call and then they never come back.  With cookies if they come back let’s say 20 to 30 days in the future your link will still be associated with that person’s ip address or something like that.          

How much cash can a Web Cam girl agent actually make?  What is the average predictable income of a Webcam agent?


From what we have seen the average pay out on a webcam agent commission is approximately 9 1/2 to 10%.  This of course depends on that particular website.

Let’s do the math on that: (For example let’s say…)

You refer 20 cam girls

Every cam girl you refer makes $100 in 1 day

You are looking at $2000 for the 20 models you just referred

At 10% you are looking at $20 Or $200 for that 1 day.

Keep in mind all this is done on autopilot  And it doesn’t matter if you’re sleeping or awake. Here’s the beauty…

…as these Cam models that you refer start to become more seasoned in the game it means they will create larger incomes which mean you will also create larger income.

Another option for you is you can refer all of your new Cam girls to our FREE training website and let us help you train them at no cost to you. My friend’s dad was a preacher and he use to always say “Bring them in and we will convert them”.

To elevate your models chances for success feel free to send your aspiring camgirls to our website If you wish you can also give your models my email address if they have any questions – Again, we would be happy to assist you in training your camgirls.

How much cash is some of our webcam model agents making and How can I get in on this?


We have been participating in the adult  online business for quite some time now.  We believe it is the best thing since sliced bread and pockets. We started out simply by referring Cam models to cam sites.  

We made tons of cash just off of those referrals and  too this day some of these models are still earning  significant amounts of money. However our referral business began to taper off which means we made less money.  If you’re reading this most likely you are in this game to make

Big Money… . I right?

So how did we solve our little money problem?

We started buying advertising and the form of Google ads Bing ads Facebook ads and we also advertise on  Yahoo’s advertising platform – Gemini.  We also invested in adult advertising on tube sites and other adult sites.

Once we got over the learning curve and learned how to drive massive amounts of traffic to our sites within a few months we was making over $1500 a month in passive residual income.

As a result of that momentum we created we now have an army of Cam girls within our employ, so to speak,  and we are constantly expanding our portfolio of cam girls.  

The very text you are reading right now has enabled us to refer tons of aspiring Cam models to camming sites with our affiliate links and we get a portion of every dollar they make.

You too can do exactly what we are doing just by reading all of our blog posts and setting up your free and sometimes paid accounts that will give you the tools you need to build a highly  profitable adult online business like we have.

We have learned that it’s not how much money something will cost us it’s about how much it will make us. It’s about switching from an employee mindset to a business owner mindset. This is your new business. Treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business. Treat it like a hobby and you may never make a dime.

Where Do you locate Webcam models that will be begging you to sign them up?


First:  Set up your adult industry hosting That has a free domain included.

Second: Buy domain name that caters to your niche for example:

Third:  Create your free account on several Web Cam sites then copy and paste your affiliate/referral link and email that link to yourself for quick reference.

Fourth:  Do a  Domain forward or domain redirect so that when someone types in your domain name they will be redirected to your affiliate/referral link.

All you have to do is call your hosting company such as Hostgator and they will walk you through the quick  Domain forwarding process.

Fifth:  Your target market should start out with girls that are currently in college.  They love to spend money.  And they need ways to be able to make and spend their money right away.

So you can set up a page or 1 page  pamphlet  that says “ Discover how this broke college grow now makes $100 A-day”  go here:
You can place these pamphlets on car windshields message boards college bulletin boards etc.  You can even hire  High school kids to do it for you.

You can also do  Free giveaways, wet T-shirt contests, and any other way that you can think of in your imagination to promote your site.This method has proven effective for us to get highly targeted niche leads to our websites.

What are some other ways to refer and recruit Web Cam girls?


There are tons of ideas and  Strategies to inspire cam girls to these camming websites.  One way is to convince seasoned Web Cam models to participate on one of your camming sites.

You have to kind of know how they think and get into their minds.  Put yourself in their shoes. They have expensive spending habits and they don’t have that much money where would they go to hang out online or offline?  Below I will go further in depth on ways you can find these beauties.

What are some ways have you not yet thought of to find these Cam girls?

In the following text we will start out with  the easy ways then move on to the stuff that will require more work on your behalf.

How To Attract Webcam Models To You By Placing Ads

This is thought of as one of the most lucrative methods for attracting cam girls, however this is very competitive because there are tons of adult webcam girl recruiters doing this.

It is good practice to know how Craigslist operates because they can flag your ads as soon as you post them if you don’t educate yourself on how often you can post, how many cities you can post in at the same time, and how to post without getting your account banned.

On this platform you simply place ads that cater toward people that are looking to become Cam girls or guys or adult industry performers or actors.

In your ad simply state that you are adding webcam models and other adult actresses to your expanding organization.  Let them know what their duties will be within your organization.

In no time males and females alike will start contacting you about the gig. Once you have their contact information now what? You send them over to the webcam model website that your affiliate link is associated with or coded to.  Don’t let the word coded scare you it just means attached.

Over time you will have built a network of Cam models that you will be earning an income from. Think of each person you refer to the network as a stream of income for you but not only that.

Keep in mind that these are people that you are working with. We don’t see our cam girls/guys as numbers we see them as partners in business. Because this is business.

If you want to do this as a hobby just to see what happens you are in the wrong place. If they are making money means you’re you are making money it’s a win win for both parties.

Remember: You are in the driver seat let your perspective WebCam models know upfront about the kind of work environment they will be in it is up to you to teach them everything they need to know.

I know what you’re thinking… I don’t know anything right now about recruiting cam girls but it’s OK that’s why we are here to teach you so that you can teach them also you can allow us to teach them for you by sending them here to our content.  We train them for you they get better at their job you make money they make money.

Here’s and idea for you:

In order to maximize your profit margin make sure that you send your prospective models to at least 3 websites that your affiliate link is associated with. In essence, they will be creating their own FREE accounts through your links that you give to them.

Pitfall to avoid:  A lot of these sites have many different referral links. There are member referral links for people who just want to watch and tip models. There are model referral links for the performers you refer and there are affiliate referral links for other webmasters you refer who want to build their own webcam model networks. You don’t want to make the mistake of sending

your member referral link to a webmaster you want to refer. If you do make that mistake you will still get the credit but this way confusion is avoided.

Another thing you will want to do is build a Strong working relationship with your webcam models. It will be up to you to train them in how to be successful as a cam girl and how to increase their incomes gradually as they learn more and more on how this business works.

Because you and I both know that if your model makes more you make more in the form of a commission. If you’re reading this text right now I know that you are someone who is not in this thing to play small right?

Remember, you can also send all of your cam models to our website where they can read our blog post and educate themselves on how they can start graduating into the realm of $10,000 per month as a Webcam model.

It’s not going to happen overnight just like anything else in life you have to believe it, you have to work your ass off, you have to fight for it, and you have  to build it. People are doing it everyday. You have to let them know that they might as well be one of those people.


Answering questions online for profit

You have heard of Wiki answers right?

or Yahoo answers or maybe even Quora ?

If you have ever typed a question in Google chances are one of these sites popped up with the answer to your question actually there was a person on the other end that answered your question.

This is a strategy you can use to find WebCam models. Type a question in Google that a model might ask and at the end of your question type Quora or Yahoo answers or Wiki answers and see what questions pop up that you can answer.

This is powerful because some of these answers have up to 10,000 views some 3,000 some 800. Out of those views a percentage of people will actually click on your links. I have seen answers dating back to 2003. Imagine if you had the same affiliate link for 5 or 10 years that keeps making you money.

Answer only one question and then at the end of your long answer put a link to your website or your affiliate link.  Or simply put an email address that you set up for them to contact you.  Don’t use your real email address that you use everyday.

Beware: Quora will flag and  Delete your answer as Spam in a heartbeat if you add more than one link and if you answer more than 1 question per day.

This is worse than a Google slap or a Facebook slap. You put time and effort
into those questions.

Hi-Jack Other WebCam Girls From Other Web Sites

These are seasoned veteran webcam models. This is A huge challenge however the rewards are much greater.  These Web Cam  Models already have huge networks and huge followings all you have to do is inspire them to join one other network… your network.

Why on Earth would you want to do this?

For one thing she is a seasoned veteran which means she knows how to make the big bucks so right off the bat you will see high profits.

Another thing is this veteran Cam girl Has a network of followers she can bring over to your network so she won’t have to spend any time building a following

And 3rd, you explain to her that she will have her own affiliate links which means not only will she get paid for her shows she can get paid off of other Cam girls shows and get compensated through webmasters who joined the site through her link.

Here’s the tricky part

These Cam models are already established and a are not willing to just up and move to another unfamiliar network.  You must have a very strong sales position. Your offer must be one that they cannot resist or refuse

“Godfather”and you will need to have extensive insight about what’s going on in the adult industry in order that you may have influence over this  seasoned veteran WebCam model.

I do not recommend taking this approach until you have a lot more experience under your belt because you may get eaten alive.

Your very own Webcam Model Factory

This strategy is not for the faint at heart but it is one of the best ways to attract webcam models to your team.

You have to get into the mind of a person who once to start a career as a webcam model. whenever someone wants to do something they have never done before the 1st place they go is Google and they type something like “how much money can I make as a webcam model” or “how to become a webcam model” does that sound about right to you?

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If you create a simple website or a simple blog  You can easily get your blog or website to show up on 1st page of Google when someone searches for “becoming a Webcam model then you get what is called organic traffic and you can just watch your bank account grow even while you sleep.

Sounds like a fairy tale right?

Too good to be to be true right?  

If it were this easy everyone would be doing it right?

The ugly truth is this:  it’s not that easy to get on the 1st page of Google with keywords that are very competitive. You need the education on how this is done, you need to have enough patience to get over the learning curve, and you have to have a deliberate targeted strategy and plan of action.

Gorilla Warfare Tactics Used To Hunt Down Webcam Models

You can go to a site such as Chat with random girls or people and talk to them about being a webcam model. This strategy is used a lot by a lot of people and may or may not work for you. Give it a shot you have nothing to lose. And besides that… it’s pretty fun.

You can purchase ads on porn sites using adult traffic sites like Traffic Force.

You can make post in forms where Webcam girls hang out

You can create a Facebook ad campaign that leads to a squeeze page they input their name and email and then once you have their name and email you can send them to your website or blog after you pre frame them and create inspiration in them to be a Webcam model.

You can create email campaign and send emails out to people who are interested in being webcam models.

Go to places where girls hang out that may be willing to make some quick money to pay their bills.

You can join Facebook groups where these girls might hang out

How do I get the cash in my hand as a webcam model manager?

Typically these websites pay the camming girls every week and you will also be paid weekly. Usually you can take your money out using Paxum or Payoneer sometimes even PayPal depending on the platform that you are using.

There has never been a time, or should we say a better time to earn income online than now.

Here are some shocking facts you didn’t know:

“Home based business opportunities are everywhere: There are 38 million home-based businesses in the U.S. — this means that starting your own business from home is more common than you might expect! Your neighborhood might be full of home-based entrepreneurs who are succeeding in business on their own terms, working from home and perhaps selling online.”

Article: Shocking US Based Home Business Statistics

This is the wave of the future and the future is now. All you need is ambition, drive, a never quit attitude, and a mentor to show you the way. But most importantly you cannot be lazy and must be willing to take massive action on a daily basis until you reach your goal or you will never ever see favorable financial rewards.

Your Very Own WebCam Model Oasis Earning $10,000 A Month Or More

The website that you are reading this text on right now is getting tons of free traffic from Google. No matter what you decide to promote on the internet we always instruct our students to center

their energy on learning how to rank high on Google search engine for their specific niche and this works no matter what business you are in. This works no matter what you are promoting online.

Here’s why you want to learn how to do this stupid SEO Stuff:

One reason is You don’t have to worry about buying traffic or junk traffic for traffic that could be bots. And believe me you don’t want bot traffic. It’s a pitfall many newbies fall into.

Another reason is, you don’t have to test this traffic system and that traffic system trying to figure out which one is working the best. That is for when you are more advanced and you are running multiple campaigns on the Internet.

Furthermore, Organic traffic does not disappear because there will always be people searching for how to make money in your specific niche.  Make sure that your content is evergreen which means it sticks around and stays

relevant for a long period of time you will also want to constantly update your website or blog with fresh content on a regular basis.  Google will love you for it and send you organic FREE traffic, search traffic.  Search traffic means for example: when someone searches in Google “how to be a webcam model” your content pops up on the 1st page.

Moreover, the traffic that comes to your site is super targeted which means people find what they are looking for based on the exact keywords that you are ranking for.  For example if your website is pinkpolkadot all your traffic will be people looking for “pink polkadot dildos”

Because that specific niche group of people are searching for “pink polkadot dildos”

your traffic will turn into raving fans and buyers for your product and they will be throwing their credit card at you every time you send them an email with a new product or a new cam model or a new whatever you’re promoting.

So if your primary business is looking for, and recruiting Webcam girls then your website or your blog will be able to harness the power of 100%  FREE Google search traffic for girls or boys who are thinking about becoming

Webcam models. You will attract these models and send them to your affiliate link with whichever Webcam company you are signed up with and your income will at some point…

… if you do it right, will begin to skyrocket for as long as you have that blog or that website up and running and people are able to search and find it.

How cool would this be if your site kept making you money 5 years or more from now?

Could you live on $10,000 per month?

If you are a fan and subscriber and follower of our websites then you already know that we have tons of training on adult SEO for your website and this SEO training can apply to any niche, any business, anything that you are promoting online not just the adult niche.

Knowing that, you may want to subscribe to our newsletter list over on the right hand column or somewhere on this page So that every time we make a new post that will help you with your site’s SEO and getting your content ranked on the 1st page of Google you will get that email alert. You may also

want to subscribe to our RSS feed in the top right corner above somewhere. You can’t miss it.

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How Will Aspiring Models Find Me?

Adult basic SEO crash course:

Your biggest challenge when first starting out  Is figuring out how to get people that are aspiring Web Cam models to locate you online.  This is called SEO (search engine optimization).

Below are some ideas that you will want to keep at the front of your priority list when doing SEO for your site:

Number one,  you have to realize and understand that this is an ongoing process it will not happen overnight.

Number two,  it is going to take somewhere between 3 to 6 months to rank on the 1st page of Google depending on if the keywords you are going after have high competition or not,

sometimes you can rank on Google in a week or 2 for non-competition keywords.  If you are on my subscriber list I’m going to be putting out some training on how to do this with step-by-step action tasks that you can do.

Number three,  you want to stay away from tactics that will red flag your website or your content in Google, Facebook, YouTube, or any platform or any search engine.  

These kind of tactics are usually called “black hat”.  This also falls in the arena of Spam and people hate Spam, Google frowns upon it, Facebook frowns upon it and YouTube will shut your account down.

Number four, you want to make it a priority of yours to put out content that is of high quality and based on search results organic search results.

Last but not least, we want you to understand that there is no income cap when it comes to making money with this particular idea.  When you start attracting Webcam girls to your site and then refer them to your affiliate links you will begin to create an army Webcam girls.

They will be banging down your door to get a hold of your training’s and your knowledge and the knowledge of other webcam girls that you recruit.  As they’re doing shows and working on creating income for themselves you will

be reaping the benefits of BIG commissions. Remember, you get back what you give in life. When you give these girls an opportunity they will give you an opportunity back in the form of financial increase.

When you start getting results from our training’s and teachings I want you to contact us and let us know about your results so that we can share them and feature you on our websites. This exposure will also boost your audience and your income as well.

Last but not least don’t be no comment scrooge leave your comments and your thoughts below because this is a community that you are now a part of and will continue to be a part of for years to come.

You can contact me Barry Blaze, at anytime with questions











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